Phantasm Interiors

Phantasm Interiors is a interior decorating brand of Design Intent Studio, LLC. The design focus is all things Gothic or Goth with an sub focus on vintage elements. When we talk about Goth, there is a spectrum. In the gallery page the works are in the middle of the spectrum. We know that there are very expressive elements of Gothic design is not for everyone. It does not mean we cannot design and manner. Or lack the vision/desire to design the more expressive.

Are main goal is simply. Design great spaces for great people. There is a design for each person and budget. There are many shades and hues of black/grey/purple. One color does not fit all designs.

Each project/design is custom. The apporch starts the same way but each ending act is different. Every project will start off with an Initial Consultation. First impressions are important, but our goal is to make a impression that endears like color black does.

On the gallery page are renderings of projects and conception art of interiors. The before is what we started with. Afters is the space transformed. The designer role in projects is to act as a tool. Never be the force that drives the design. Each project should be unique as each client.

About projects:

We tend to design small to mid size projects. Finding "the" piece that finish the space. We tend not reach for multi-room projects at one go. Often it is better to work in smaller spaces over the duration of the project. This will make the project longer. Remember many items are custom and may take a long time to receive.

About budgets:

For every space there is a budget. In every budget there are limits. We work with in theses boundaries. The goal is to be frugal with your budget. As well design space should not equal the well design price. Only should have the well design look.